iCloud, iOS5 and Lion (10.7)

Well that’s it. Steve’s been and gone for another WWDC and we are left with something shiny. 

What do you all think of the announcements? I personally think it’s bang on right for what was needed. Streaming is all well and good but we aren’t living in a free world. I wouldn’t expect it to work over 3G (or could afford it if it did) so wifi is the only option. Wifi is also subject to ‘fair usage’ policies, so what would be the point? What I did want is to buy something on one of my devices and it magically appear on my others, voila I have that now. 

This just goes to show how Apple aren’t really bothered about what people think they need or what ‘others’ are releasing. They release what they think we need and at the end of the day they are usually right. 


Apple WWDC ‘11 Feeds

Here’s a short rundown of feed locations for your Apple WWDC ‘11 fix this year:

Feel free to comment in anymore you know of. Less than 2 hours to go people, choose your feed and grab a cuppa. 


I would also add TNW to the list but it seems to have been lost in a flurry of activity.


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